Destination – Bingo!

One of the great things about playing bingo in the UK is that many of our favourite bingo halls have locations throughout the entire land! Whether you are in the North of Scotland, or the South of Wales, there is always a great bingo hall, actually a great number of bingo halls, where you can enjoy your favourite game at a hall that will feel familiar to you.

The friends may be different and the caller may sound a bit odd, but the game will be the same, the rules of the bingo halls will be the same and you will feel like you are right at home. If you don’t know where to play, just hail a taxi and tell the driver, “Destination – BINGO!” He’ll get you there in no time flat.

If you would rather take the tube, just get on and ask anyone around you and you can be sure they’ll get you to the nearest bingo hall. (That might be just a ‘bit’ extreme, but bingo is quickly becoming the number one pass time, so someone will surely know!) Bingo halls are everywhere, some open every day of the week all year long. Just look in a local phone directory, or pull out your handy laptop or netbook and you can go online to find the nearest location.

Chances are, you’ll find the same bingo halls you frequent at home, and if by chance there isn’t a hall nearby, while you have the laptop on, just stay there and play bingo online!