Forget the student bar

Forget the student bar – is bingo the new vogue?

Students are being targeted in a new campaign by Mecca Bingo that should see more and more of a younger crowd entering bingo halls up and down the country. Move over Generation X, this is Generation Y’s turn!

Mecca Bingo will be offering a new bingo game called ‘Rock & Roll Bingo’, where players won’t be daubing numbers but instead their bingo tickets will have the names of famous Rock & Roll songs. The songs are played over the hall’s speakers and read out by the caller (just in case you don’t know that 80s classic!).

In a bid to appeal to a wider audience and shake off the image that bingo is just for Dot Cotton and Nora Batty (which we all know isn’t the case!), Mecca’s move to this fun new style of bingo game should shake up the student population and get them into bingo halls everywhere.

Cheaper than a night on the town, and arguably much more fun, Rock & Roll Bingo promises to be a great night out with some fantastic tunes to sing along to while you try to win some great prizes.

The game will be a monthly special and it won’t be the only game Mecca Bingo will be running aimed at the younger generation – they even have a unique glow-in-the-dark game called Binglo!