Play Bingo by Land, Sea or Air?

Of course everyone knows that there are bingo halls scattered about the UK in every nook and cranny, and that you can take a 7 day cruise and play bingo aboard the ship, but play bingo by air? Well, almost! Play bingo by cyberspace! Some of your favourite bingo halls now have online bingo that you can play in between your night out at the halls.

Some bingo halls have as many (or more than!) as 180 land based bingo locations as well as online bingo. Gala Bingo, for instance, has at least that many and a hall finder on the home page of their website where you can find the location nearest you. Play bingo online, play bingo when spending a weekend in the countryside, or play bingo at home in Liverpool. Gala Bingo Halls are there, wherever you are.

And when you’re home with the flu and it is 4°C outside, you don’t need to worry that you are missing your weekly gaming night. Play bingo online, stay loyal to your bingo hall, and who knows – maybe being under the weather will win that jackpot for you! Sit back with a nice hot toddy, some comfy slippers and a nice plush robe and join the online action.

Because there are literally thousands of bingo halls all over the UK and online bingo 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, there is no reason to miss a single night. Play bingo as often as you want or as infrequently as you want because bingo is always there.